Tang Soo Do – a traditional martial art dedicated to the practice of martial application, dynamic energy use, and the magnificence of form and aesthetics

Sharpen the Mind – Fortify the Body
Strengthen the Will – Achieve Greater Awareness

Offering classes and personal training for men, women, and young adults

Aspects of the Art

External Energy

Traditional Style

Traditional karate energy – refined to a new level of self-defense and understanding  Explore the Art…

Internal Energy

Soft Style

Breathing and the use of soft-style energy in every action, in every passive move – gentle yet powerful  Explore the Art…

Assisted Energy


Furthering the discipline by capturing the energy of movement and traditional armaments  Explore the Art…

Classes & Instruction

Oakstrong Martial Arts offers classes for each of the different aspects of Tang Soo Do traditional karate taught using positive, modern methods. Classes employ a mix of stretching, karate techniques, and qigong exercises. Work out, gain skills and achieve at your own pace.

Sharpen the mind   –   Fortify the body
Strengthen the will   –   Achieve greater awareness

Enjoy the energy of a class in a safe, non-aggressive environment. Not brawling, not a children’s activity – traditional martial arts at its finest.


Neville Loberg

Honing his craft in the martial arts since 1982, Neville Loberg has dedicated his training and teaching to uphold traditional methods while instilling a sense of enjoyment and personal accomplishment –  bringing the best possible for each artist unto their own ability.

Contact Information

Call or email to discuss the range of public and private classes available in the Santa Cruz region – we look forward to hearing from you.

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