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Free Introductory Class

Attend a special single-session interactive class showcasing the different aspects of Tang Soo Do karate, self-defense and weapons artistry.

– Sunday October 28, 2018 –
738 Chestnut Street, Santa Cruz

The class will be a combination of student participation and instructor demonstration – offering a view and experience of our teachings and the various aspects of the art.

What you will learn:

  • A super-easy, effective kick
  • What to do if someone grabs your hair
  • The range of weapons you could master
  • Simple karate techniques and combinations
  • Where this all fits into our standard classes

Attendees will get a flavor of our classes and how our instructor makes it practical and enjoyable. Classes typically include stretching, karate techniques and combinations, controlled sparring, classical weapons, traditional “forms” and qigong exercises.

At Oakstrong Martial Arts we teach not only karate and practical self-defense techniques, but self-defense strategies to keep you safe. I don’t teach young kids, as it’s not fun-and-games karate. Classes are small for personal instruction, and the other students form a wonderful support system and community.

And, oh yeah – class is fun!

This class is free, and no commitment is expected. Bring water to drink and wear loose sports clothing / gym shoes – no special equipment needed. Facilitated by our senior instructor Neville Loberg, this class is open to adults and serious teens age 13 and up.

Kindly let me know if you have questions, and are considering attending…  reply to the email we sent you, or use our contact form.

Come check out our teachings, and perhaps discover something new within yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

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