Street-smarts for you and your crew

Strategies – Psychology – Practical Martial Arts

Self-defense is not just being able to physically defend yourself – importantly it’s about preparation, recognizing the signs, and having a strategy that can be used under pressure.

Oakstrong Martial Arts offers public seminars for individuals and private self-defense seminars for small groups. We specialize in self-defense for women, teens, schools, business teams, and social workers – we understand the specific situations, threats, and concerns being faced.

Our seminars will make you smarter, safer, and more able to defend yourself.

Our self-defense teachings…

The last thing we want is for you to get into a violent physical encounter. Our self-defense curriculum covers so much more to keep you out of trouble…

  • Strategies – How to recognize threats and understand the stages of a violent encounter. Also, a simple mental framework to evaluate if a situation could become dangerous, setting boundaries and giving consent.
  • Psychology – How the mind reacts in self-defense situations and how to deal with such. Also, how threatening situations escalate and how to defuse such.
  • Practical martial arts – Physical karate techniques that are easy to learn, remember, and apply under pressure if you absolutely need to.

For each private seminar seminar, the teaching is customized to the unique needs of your group and situations they face on a day-to-day basis.

“An excellent job of tailoring the presentation to the needs of our team. He was polite, energetic and understood his audience. I would encourage anyone interested in a self defense training that you book!”

Darlene T.  – Social Work Agency 

“It’s a basic life skill they all should have. We appreciate all that you have done for the students here…


Principal Jeff Calden

San Lorenzo Valley High School 

“My fight or flight thing is minimal – I’m a giver. If someone is going to attack me they are going to have to work for it. I just want to be knowledgeable and skilled!
Thanks Neville.”

Ginger G.  – Felton, CA 

“I saw the most participation ever from my coworkers, and they all walked away with a better sense of what they would do when they need to defend themselves. I would highly recommend.”

Denise W.  – Large Software Company 

“Because of your self-defense teachings I was able to process and deal with a very troubling physical encounter within my family over the holidays. That kind of situation is never going to happen again. Thanks.”

Christine M.  – Campbell, CA 

“The seminars were well organized and the kids certainly enjoyed it – even the usually more reluctant were engaged.”

Principal Mary Lonhart  

Scotts Valley Middle School  


“You inspired me to enroll my son in karate classes, and the changes in him have been wonderful. Muchos gracias!”

Maria S. – Watsonville, CA 

Self-Defense Seminar Attendee


We understand that most people have no formal training in self-defense or martial arts – our seminars are geared to be practical, easy to learn, and more importantly, easy to use.

Seminars are a serious – but fun – combination of participant practice, lively discussion, and instructor demonstration.

Upcoming Public Seminars

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all our public seminars are cancelled. More in the future. Stay strong, stay safe.

  • Interested in a future private seminar?… Contact us!

We have been teaching self-defense and martial arts students for many years – offering exceptional instruction with a unique insight.

It’s irresponsible for an instructor to lead you to believe that all it takes is a day-long seminar and you’ll have all that you’ll ever need to know to protect yourself. But it’s a great start – if taught properly.

We teach two vital aspects of self-defense – mental strategies and physical skills.

  • Understanding the mental aspects of the situation, an attacker, and yourself as the defender – and having easy mental models to use under pressure – is of utmost importance.
  • Physically, you’ll will be shown and given time to practice simple but extremely effective techniques to defend yourself from various attacks.

You WILL be able to employ what we teach.

  • Individuals

    Public seminars anyone can attend

  • High School Classes

    Helping to keep our kids safe

  • Corporate Team Building

    Building comradery, trust and safety

  • Middle school students

    Street smarts just when they need it

  • Community Workers

    If your crew needs better street smarts

For corporate team building, schools, or making your crew safer on the job our world-class instruction will provide your team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Let us know if you have questions, and are considering conducting a private seminar for your team… we would be glad to discuss your needs, the results you can expect, costs, and scheduling.

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