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Oakstrong Martial Arts offers classes covering each of the different aspects of Tang Soo Do karate, weapons and self-defense. Come experience the power of positive reinforcement – while getting a good workout, enhancing the ability to defend yourself, enjoying community, and learning an ancient art.

We offer on-going karate/self-defense classes in Felton, CA for beginning and experienced students. Serving the community since 2015!

Come take a class with us…

  • Basic Karate & Self-Defense – Tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm at our studio in Felton. For those wishing to learn core karate skills, self-defense strategies / techniques, and qigong exercises Beginners can join any time.
  • Open Gym / Office Hours – Thursdays 5:00-6:30pm outdoors. Come work with our instructor on the skills you want to refine. Beginners welcome. Potential student? come check our teachings in an informal setting.
  • Karate, Weapons & Self-Defense – Saturdays 10:00-11:30am at our studio in Felton. A unique class for all skill levels taught in highly controlled, super-safe environment. Beginners welcome.
  • Self-Defense Workshops – Special 1-day workshops open to individuals or tailored to the needs of your team – here’s all the info…

Oakstrong’s karate instruction employs various formats to teach skills – basic techniques, multi-technique combinations, movement training, traditional forms, and free sparring in a safe and noncompetitive environment.

Beginners are always welcome – classes are on-going – you can enroll at any time and your first class is free.

In each class you will see, hear and practice the physical and energetic aspects of Tang Soo Do karate that display the art and enable the potential to generate and transmit qigong energy. Self-defense strategies and techniques are integral in every class. Often we include weapons training.

Classes are small for personal instruction, and the other students form a wonderful support system and community. Classes are open to men, women and serious young adults.

Each type of class follows a standardized basic-to-advanced curriculum that provides the opportunity for you to learn and grow at your own pace and ability. Curriculum is comprehensive from beginner to black belt and beyond. Along the way you will gain confidence, strength, and in no small way make it possible to defend yourself.

New students are welcome to join at any time. Beginners need no special uniform or equipment, just a curious nature and a desire to learn. All techniques are explained and demonstrated to help students at every skill level achieve and enjoy.

To find out more, check out the general class descriptions below.

Class Descriptions

Self Defense &

Basic Karate

This core class is the bedrock of our standardized curriculum using hard-style “Weh Ga Ryu” karate energy. At the basic level you will learn to move, to breath, how to block, kick, and strike.

  • Students learn though a mix of basic techniques, multi-technique combinations, movement exercises, partner practice and controlled sparring.
  • Curriculum is non-competitive and students learn at their own speed and ability.
  • All techniques are taught with technical excellence and practical “street” application in mind.
  • Basic self-defense strategies are discussed and core techniques are practiced.

Train with an expert instructor with over 30 years’ experience.

Tang Soo Do

Advanced Karate

This class takes the studies to the next level in the curriculum, exploring advanced subjects, techniques, and “soft style” internal energy use along with artistic, unique and sophisticated aspects of Tang Soo Do.

  • Subjects include timing, breath control, power generation, and self-defense scenarios.
  • Controlled sparring includes advanced strategies and tournament considerations.
  • Traditional forms capture the artistic majesty of the eagle or the fluidity of the snake.
  • In-depth, advanced self-defense strategy, psychology, and legal aspects are discussed.

This class is by invitation of our senior instructor for those who have exhibited proficiency in basic karate studies.

Self-Defense &


Gain skills and the ability to defend yourself against and use traditional armaments – specifically the quarterstaff (bo), the short stick, and the blunt object.

  • This class is perfect for those wishing to learn practical weapons use, core karate techniques, and powerful artistry.
  • The curriculum uses a combination of technique building and weapons combinations in a highly controlled, super-safe environment.
  • Skills are taught in a practical, no-nonsense manner emphasizing respect for these weapons and their vast potential.
  • Self-defense strategy, psychology, and legal aspects are discussed.

Weapons classes are open to everyone – prior karate experience not required, but useful.

“After training with Oakstrong Martial Arts for just over 8 months I have gained a new level of self respect, confidence, strength and the wonderful feeling of being more centered and connected.”

Wendy L.  – Scotts Valley

“I can’t say enough great things about Oakstrong Martial Arts and I highly recommend anybody who is thinking about learning a martial art, to contact Neville. I promise you, you won`t find a better teacher and mentor.”

Philip L.  – Santa Cruz

“Neville achieves a great balance of introducing the formality of the art, but while teaching in an accessible manner. His instruction and approach and personal patience have been incredible.”

Joel R.  – Santa Cruz

Location & Schedule

Come check us out – new students are welcome and can enroll at any time. Experienced or beginners – we look forward to hearing from you.

Studio/Class/Workshop Location – Interested in classes or self-defense workshops? Here is where to find us…

Classes and workshops are held in the San Lorenzo Valley at the Felton Community Hall at 6191 Highway 9 Felton, California at the corner of Highway 9 and Kirby Street – next to the fire station.

  • Tuesday classes are 5:30pm-7:00pm
  • Thursday Open Gym is 5:00-6:30pm outdoors (various locations)
  • Saturday classes are 10:00am-11:30am

Check our always-accurate schedule for all the info and contact us if any questions.

Fees & Costs

Below are the costs for our classes – buy one of our payment cards, show up for class, and we check off a credit for class. Easy. At Oakstrong Martial Arts we want our classes to be accessible to everyone. No contracts or auto-withdrawals – pay only for the classes you attend. The only commitment is the one you make to yourself.

Classes are $15 each using a punch-card system…

10-Class Payment Card – $150

Drop-in Fee $20 per class

Free Introduction Class – Your first class is free! Come experience the way we teach, the curriculum, and what Tang Soo Do karate is all about. Participate or watch from the sidelines!

Scholarships Available for Teens – We believe that every kid should have access to classes regardless of economic status. Contact and apply thru our partner GRO Community of Santa Cruz County.

Other Fees – There are none. Some studios charge “extra” fees connected with joining an association or testing/promotion in levels of skill. We follow the tradition of promotion testing for knowledge and ability, not for money. You earn your rank through the dedication, humility and the effort it takes to achieve your personal level of excellence.

Equipment Costs – At first, there is no special equipment to purchase. We do not sell uniforms or equipment – but we do make recommendations to trusted on-line resources. To promote for your first rank, a traditional karate uniform is required. Also, common-sense safety equipment is required to participate in sparring and partner-drill instruction. “Training” weapons are be provided for such instruction – but certainly you will want your own!

Workshop Costs – For individuals the cost is listed for each scheduled workshop. For group workshops each is different – customized for full effect. Costs vary by number of students, workshop duration, and location. Kindly click here for info and contact us to discuss.

Private Instruction – Although our classes offer the best in comprehensive physical and mental training, private lessons are available to fine-tune skills, work on specific areas of study, or prepare for promotions testing. Cost is $75 per hour or 5 payment card classes.

The small print: Pricing is subject to change without notice. Payment cards are non-refundable,  non-transferable, and expire in 60 days from time of purchase. Classes are subject to change and availability – options are non-refundable because of such changes. Some exceptions apply per the discretion of the instructor.

Everyone is Welcome Here

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