Energy in every action, in every move

Tang Soo Do is both a “hard” and a “soft” style of martial art, with the soft internal influence coming from the ancient Korean art of Soo Bahk Do and from Northern and Southern Chinese systems. Its hardness comes in part from Okinawan karate influences.

There are different ways and diverse aspects of karate-do – each with their path to equal growth and effectiveness. At Oakstrong Martial Arts our classes are composed from several of those ways, individually exploring and capturing the power of and grace of Tang Soo Do.

Whichever your way, our standardized curriculum gives you an practice to gain strength, confidence to grow, and an art to express yourself.

The aspects of our teachings…

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art with purpose to develop every aspect of the self in order to produce a mature person who can totally integrate intellect, emotions, body, spirit and energy.

Martial Energy

Traditional Karate

Traditional karate energy – refined to a new level of self-defense, instruction, and understanding

Training in the traditional martial arts is the practice of increasing mental focus, gaining strength of body, growing endurance of will, increasing awareness and controlling emotion. It’s about gaining sense of self, self-confidence and it’s about releasing fear.

  • t’s not just about effectively being able to move, kick, block or strike.
  • Traditional “Weh Ga Ryu” curriculum employs a mix of stretching, external energy “hard-style” karate techniques, and partner exercises.
  • It deeply explores the dynamics involved in harnessing and maximizing energy in order to efficiently transmit such energy in a defensive and offensive manor.

While traditional karate is taught, modern teaching methods are employed to enable each student to achieve success.

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Street Smart

Self Defense

Staying safe by understanding physical, mental, and strategic aspects are equally important as a good front kick

The best defense is not to get in a dangerous situation, but life should not be lived captive to fear. Move fear to caution by knowing how to stay safe and get yourself out of trouble should it come.

  • Learn practical defensive techniques that can be remembered and used under pressure.
  • Use a simple framework to evaluate if a situation could be dangerous.
  • Employ simple every-day self-defense strategies and become more street smart.
  • Setting and respecting boundaries and giving/asking consent.

Avoiding trouble, recognizing it when it comes, overcoming fear, and getting away is true self defense.

Self-defense is taught in all our classes, at our public workshops, or customized for your group.

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Internal Energy

Soft Style

Breathing and the use of internal energy in every action, in every passive move… gentle yet powerful

A unique part of Tang Soo Do, this methodology employs a type of soft-style karate to use internal energy to it’s fullest. It’s similar to Tai Chi, but certainly not the same.

  • Soft-style “Neh Ga Ryu” karate utilizes breathing and energy in every action, in every fluid move.
  • It’s a very different way from hard-style karate while being dynamic powerful and energetic – you will get a workout!
  • Neh Ga Ryu is focuses on developing the beauty of the defensive practice and the internal energy – the “ne gung” aspect of Tang Soo Do.

Excellence comes from the refinement and precision of movement, correctness of technique, centering, and employment of qigong. A well-performed Neh Ga Ryu form is a magnificent thing to behold and a wonderful achievement to perform.

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Enhanced Defense


Furthering the discipline by capturing the energy of movement and traditional armaments

While traditional karate emphasizes “the empty hand” and justly emphasizes the benefits, on a practical level – if you need to defend yourself and weapons are available – you would want to know how to use them effectively. Both beautiful and effective in use, weapons training adds to and expands your expertise in the martial arts and your ability to defend yourself.

  • Quarterstaff (Bo) training brings increased focus, coordination, and patience. Is a kitchen broom just a broom?
  • Short stick training leverages your ability to move in no uncertain terms.
  • The blunt object – a common weapon – is both dangerous and easily defended against. If you know how.

Learning to respect weapons, how to defend yourself against such, and how to use weapons is an natural extension of traditional karate teachings.

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Flowing energy. Should you focus on external balance or internal centering? How does the breath affect movement? How does movement affect energy transmission? Where does timing fit in?

At Oakstrong Martial Arts we teach not only karate techniques and self-defense, but the different aspects of energy – traditional hard style and unique soft style. Weapons – expand your skills. Self-defense – be safer and more confident.

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